Laurel Bronze Cremation Urn

Ilahi Arts


About Laurel Bronze Cremation Urn

Protect the memory of a beloved child. Honor their memory. Preserve it forever in your heart. Hold this urn in your hands and see for yourself the individualistic characteristics of this cremation urn that set it apart from the rest. This gold colored cremation urn has a polished finish which features a pewter band that is embellished with a holly leaf pattern. This urn is smaller than a standard adult urn, and is specifically made to honor and memorialize the ashes of a child. A child that was taken away at far too young an age. Pay tribute to the life of a child who passed away too soon with this vibrantly colored urn that radiates hope for a brighter future. This urn holds within it much more than the ashes of a loved one, it preserves their memory in the minds of family members and friends as it lovingly embraces the ashes.

We offer a huge selection of truly unique cremation urns to choose from so that you can find an urn that best represents the loved one who has passed away. All of our cremation urns are handmade and one-of-a-kind. You will not be able to find the urns in our collection anywhere else.

Feel confident purchasing from Safe Passage Urns with our 60 Day Return Policy and our guaranteed fast Shipping & Delivery Policy. If you don't like the feel of the urn we send you, send it back for a prompt and courteous refund. We ship our urns out as fast as possible so that you can receive the urn on your doorstep and memorialize a loved one with an urn pridefully created by Safe Passage Urns.

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