Our Story

I saw first hand how unexpected funeral expenses can financially devastate a family. Several years ago, a lifelong friend of mine was going through an extremely difficult time in his life. He had just gone through a divorce when he received news that his father had died in a car accident on his way home from work.

In the wake of all this, my friend was burdened with planning and financing a funeral. He did what most people do, he goes to his towns funeral home. He called me that very night. He told me that the total bill would amount to $6,115, not including food for the memorial service. In that conversation I could tell he was exasperated. He was at his wit's end. 

With some help from his friends and family, he was able to finance the funeral. He wasn't happy about it, but what was he going to do? Not have a funeral service for his own father.

After a couple of months had passed, he had confided in me that the cremation urn he bought from the funeral home had cost him $575. I was shocked to say the least. I had seen the urn for his father's ashes and while it was beautiful, it was certainly overpriced. It seemed very unethical for a funeral home to charge so much. Especially considering the bill is going to a grieving family who may have just lost the bread-winner of the household.

I knew there was a better way.

With a little work and a lot of love, Safe Passage Urns was born.

Our mission is to provide families with fair priced cremation urns. We take great pride in making the most beautiful, unique, and high-quality urns that we can. We know that our urns are more than just containers for the ashes of a loved one. They are vessels that are meant to lovingly embrace the ashes. To preserve the memory of a truly special individual in the hearts of family members and friends.

At Safe Passage Urns, we take every effort to inform families about funeral planning and saving money on funeral expenses. We understand that our customers are going through a very difficult time in their life with the death of a loved one. We take it upon ourselves to make your life as stress-free as possible. This starts with our fair prices, caring customer service, fast and free shipping, and our 60 day return policy.

We thank you for shopping with us and we know that you will make it through any tragedy that life throws at, you stronger and more resilient than before.


Safe Passage Urns