Cremation & Funeral Resources




The goal of Funeral Consumers Alliance is to ensure consumers are fully prepared and protected when planning a funeral for themselves or their loved ones. This is done through a national network of professionals who help raise awareness, inform, and influence legislation that gives consumer options when selecting a funeral home and paying for a funeral service.

Green Burial Council

Offers environmental certificates for funeral homes and cemeteries, and product manufacturers to shift the funeral industry into more environmentally friendly practices. Through legislation and incentivizing environmentally friendly business we can encourage funeral ceremonies to be entirely carbon neutral.


Cremation Association of North America

CANA provides resources on cremation, funeral home operations, and other funeral associations. This organization helps inform state and local governments about developing laws regulating cremation funerals.


Aging in Place Organization

At Aging in Place we strive to help seniors, their family members, and their caregivers prepare their homes and their lives for successful aging in place. We connect seniors, families, and caretakers with the information and professional support they need to make the best decisions for their physical, emotional, and financial well being.