Blue Dog Paw Cremation Urn

Ilahi Arts


About Blue Dog Dog Paw Cremation Urn

This blue pet cremation urn is embellished with dog paw prints to memorialize your dog in the hearts of your family. This one of a kind urn is perfect for paying tribute to a lifelong friend and loyal pet. 

All of our urns hold much more than just the ashes of a loved one, they preserve the memory of your dog in the hearts of family members and friends as it lovingly embraces the ashes.

We Offer
  • A huge selection of truly unique handmade cremation urns  
  • 60 Day Return Policy 
  • Guaranteed fast Shipping & Delivery Policy 
  • A wider selection of cremation urns than your local funeral home
  • A memorial tree planted in honor of your dog with the help of the One Tree Planted Organization 

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