Blue Lotus Cremation Urn

Ilahi Arts


About Blue Lotus Cremation Urn

This cremation urn is a deep blue hue that is embellished with a beautiful and intricate floral pattern. The elegant shape of the urn is one of the most popular non-traditional cremation urn shapes. The dark blue background highlights the floral design and provides a sharp contrasting element. Its bold colors symbolically represent the strength and resilience of the person it is honoring. This urn holds within it much more than the ashes of a loved one, it preserves their memory in the minds of family members and friends as it lovingly embraces the ashes.

Protect the memory of a loved one. Celebrate their life. Honor their legacy. Hold this urn in your hands and feel for yourself the individualist characteristics that set it apart from the rest.

We Offer
  • A huge selection of truly unique handmade cremation urns  
  • 60 Day Return Policy 
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  • A wider selection of cremation urns than your local funeral home
  • A memorial tree planted in honor of the decedent with the help of the One Tree Planted Organization 

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