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Where to Scatter the Ashes of a Loved One

Where to Scatter the Ashes of a Loved One

One of the most important ceremonies in a cremation funeral is the scattering of the ashes which is an important part of the grieving process. The question remains where should you scatter the ashes of the recently deceased? As with cremation, there are many different options when it comes to scattering the ashes.

Was a Location Mentioned Before

The first consideration that must be taken into account is if the recently deceased has made it clear where they want their ashes to be scattered. It is always best to honor the last wishes of the person first. If there were no directions on where to scatter the ashes than the choice falls back on the family of the recently deceased.

Most commonly, people chose to scatter ashes in a location that was special to the person. A spot that held meaning in some way. I have personally been to a scattering of the ashes ceremony that was at a scenic bike trail that she liked to ride on. I have heard of ceremonies being conducted near a lake that the recently deceased liked to go on dates at. Some choose to scatter the ashes off of their back patio. A farmer might choose to scatter the ashes over his field.

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Returning to Nature

Another popular location to scatter the ashes is on a dock or boat into the water. The idea is that the ashes will scatter far and wide with the current. A common theme among the dying is the desire to spread their ashes far and wide as a symbolic way of returning back to nature.

Wanting a Small Memorial at the Site of the Ashes?

Finding a good location to scatter the ashes becomes more important if you also plan to put up a small memorial at the location the ashes are scattered. In this case, a location on your own property is more convenient to visit and also ensures the memorial will not be tampered with.

Special Considerations When Choosing a Location

If you’re thinking about scattering on the beach, most states have rules that prohibit seaside sprinklings. The non-profit organization Funeral Consumer Alliance  says that many states turn a blind eye to shore-side scattering into public waters, preferring to save their enforcement actions for big-time polluters. But that still doesn’t mean it is legal.

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National & State Parks

When scattering on land many National & State Parks allow scattering with a permit and permission from the chief park ranger. The rules at national parks also require staying away from roads, paths, developed areas, and bodies of water. In some areas, scattering is prohibited to avoid contaminating future archaeological explorations.

It should be noted that if you plan on scattering the ashes on private land, you should always first consult the landowner and get permission.

Where you decide to scatter the ashes should be a place with happy and loving memories. Or a place that makes a good final resting place. The ceremony of scattering the ashes helps strengthen an unbreakable bond you built with the loved one and helps preserve memories with them for years to come.

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Let us know with a comment below, where you think a good ash scattering location might be? And if you think this article might be able to help someone you know, please share it.

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