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How to Plan a Post Funeral Reception

How to Plan a Post Funeral Reception

Post funeral receptions offer families and friends a great chance to remember the life of the loved one who passed away. As many funerals and memorial services are more somber and formal affairs, a post-service gathering provides a more casual atmosphere for your friends and family to connect with each other. 

This article is designed to help you effectively plan a post funeral reception efficiently while saving money and time in the process.

food buffet at post funeral reception

What is a Post Funeral Reception?

After the funeral service some families choose to have a post funeral reception which normally takes place in the home of a close family member or friend. The reception is normally immediately after the funeral service. It is a good idea to have the reception soon after the funeral service because it provides the opportunity for people to carpool to the reception and it also helps keep everything more organized so that everyone arrives at roughly the same time instead of trickling in.

Since these gatherings are usually smaller than the actual funeral it makes it easier to provide food and drinks. A potluck style can be implemented where everyone brings dishes so the host does not have to provide all the food. This can be difficult however, if many families are traveling from far away and do not have access to a kitchen.

Planning the Reception Ahead of Time

To prevent last minute scrambling, the funeral reception should be planned out in advance much like the actual funeral. This means that funeral guest should be provided information on the location and time of the reception. Guest should also be informed about if refreshments will be served and whether or not they are expected to bring a dish.

A way to simplify planning is to have a caterer take care of the food if the budget allows. The cost can be offset by other invited guest chipping in to help pay for the caterers services.

Planned Activities

If the recently deceased was cremated, the reception can include the scattering of the ashes ceremony if the ceremony was not already conducted during the funeral service. Since receptions are most frequently held at a family member's house, you have a lot more flexibility to plan a activities more outside of the box.

I recommend taking a look at 9 Fun Ways to Personalize A Funeral Which has some great activities that can be done at the funeral or post funeral reception.

If you're interested, check out How to Plan a Funeral from Beginning to End: A Step by Step Guide for more helpful information on how to plan a funeral.

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