Giving Your Cremation Urn a Place In Your Home

Finding a place in your home to keep the cremation urn is important if you plan on keeping the urn displayed for a long period of time. Many factors will determine where you want to display your urn to commemorate the loss of a loved one.

Where to Display Your Urn

Some of the most common places where people chose to display their funeral urn are:

  • on the mantelpiece
  • a corner shelf
  • within a glass cabinet
  • a niche

family room

These places are all great choices. Finding a beautiful urn that also compliments the décor and style of your home is one more reason why people chose to display their urns more prominently in their home. Urns are beautiful all on their own. They have bold colors and ornate patterns inscribed. Let them become a loving part of your home. Do not feel pressured to make your cremation urn the center of attraction in a room because it is so beautiful. You may prefer to have it in your bedroom or a more private and discreet location to draw less attention from others.

Do You Have Children or Pets?

If you have children or pets then you know very well that they are capable of breaking things. Many of the common places listed earlier in the article can be accessible to children as well as dogs and cats. Nobody wants to have to clean up a spilled cremation urn, which is why keeping the urn in a hard to access spot might be necessary.

girl in the fall

No matter where you choose to put the urn, it is ultimately less important than the memories you have held onto of the deceased. The urn is a great physical commemoration of the life they lived but it will not replace cherished memories, it can only help preserve these memories.

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