Different Types of Funeral Services To Choose

There are so many different ways that you can pay respect to a loved one who has passed away. A traditional funeral service can consist of either a visitation of the body. This is most commonly followed by a procession to the gravesite for additional services. In the case of cremation ceremony, you can choose to scatter the ashes or

A Memorial Service

This type of funeral commemorates the deceased in a public or private location without the body being present. The flexibility with having a funeral service in the privacy of your own home paired with the benefits of saving money and scheduling the memorial service at your own choosing. By having the memorial service on your own terms, you avoid having to find time slots that a funeral home can accommodate the funeral.

Combined Services

Combined funeral services are great for family scattered across the country. A traditional funeral service will have the body present at one location, and any family across the country can have a separate memorial service to pay tribute no matter where they are located.

Non-Commemorative Funerals

Also known as “direct” dispositions, non-commemorative funerals are when the deceased is buried, cremated, or donated to medical science without any formal funeral service to remember the life that has passed.

Funeral Reception

Graveside Services

Sometimes commemorative services are held at the cemetery, either in a chapel or beside the grave, immediately prior to burial. This tradition is common among many religions.

How you choose to remember the life of a loved one is up to you and your immediate family. One thing is clear, you want the funeral to help family and friends grieve. Grieving is a natural part of the cycle and a funeral service provides the right environment for support and empathy. No matter how the exact memorial service unfolds, what is most important is that you are honest with your feelings and are supportive of your friends and family.

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