Designing Our Favorite Cremation Urns For Ashes

The urns we design and create at Safe Passage Urns are much more than just a container. They are functional pieces of art. Each urn is meant to hold the ashes of a loved one and protect their memory. The funeral urn is meant to represent the personality of a loved one. This is achieved through colors, shapes, patterns, and the material used to create the urn. At Safe Passage Urns, we understand that families want a variety of choices when choosing an urn to hold the ashes of a loved one. Our wide collection is meant to give the family options to choose from so the urn that you buy symbolizes a loved one perfectly.

Matching an Urn to a Loved One

Finding a funeral urn that perfectly represents a loved one is not easy. So many things need to be considered. If the family member who passed away was soft-spoken, perhaps a subtle color would be more suitable like light pink. If the person who passed away was passionate in all their endeavors, a vibrant red color might be more fitting.

Blue is a color that is strongly associated with loyalty and strength. In this case, A blue cremation urn would be very fitting for someone who had a strong sense of family and stood up for the values that they hold dear.

The shape of the urn is another factor that needs to be considered. A traditional urn shape (as shown below) as opposed to a novel cremation urn shape express vastly different emotions and characteristics.

urn for ashes

An artistic urn shape such as a motorcycle shaped urn seems more suitable for someone who marched to the drum of their own beat. A palm tree shaped urn seems more suitable for someone who liked to travel. An urn in the shape of a dog would be perfect for a dog loving individual who owned and cared for dogs their entire life.

The pattern of different urns for ashes are equally important. A multi-colored urn with diagonal stripes would be more aligned to hold the ashes of someone who lived life at a fast pace with a lot of energy. The patterns on the urn tell a story. If the urn has a ledger of music notes, you can certainly guess that the loved one who is being memorialized was passionate about music. Maybe they were a musician themselves. A solid colored urn might be more fitting for a person who enjoyed minimalism and lived a simpler life, spending time with their family and friends.

When all these design elements come together to form a cremation urn that perfectly represents a loved one, you know it. Right when you see it you know.

We want you to feel this way when you are shopping at Safe Passage Urns. We have colorful urns, bright colored urns, wood urns, and so much more so that you find a cremation urn that the family will love.

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