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Considerations When a Friend or Family Member's Dog Dies

Considerations When a Friend or Family Member's Dog Dies

When a dog dies it can be like losing your best friend. The emotions can be overwhelming. As is the case with death and grieving, everyone is affected differently. Some more than others. There are many circumstances where the death of the dog leaves more than just emotional scars.

Special Considerations

Dogs can fill up a home with love and affection, but they’re much more than just furry friends. Some people construct their entire daily routine around their dog. Between feeding, walking, playing with, cleaning after, and taking to the vet, dogs are a big commitment. You can never underestimate how meaningful a dog is for some people, and the comfort and happiness it brings to the family

The problem emerges when the dog is no longer around. When your dog dies, the emotional grief is made worse by the decrease in social and physical activities. The day feels emptier. The social interaction people would get from walking their dog is gone. Some people’s only exercise for the day is taking their dog to the park.

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Older Dog Owners

This is especially true in older individuals who leave their houses less frequently. The chance to take your dog on a walk through the neighborhoods and meeting neighbors may seem insignificant, however, with some people it might be the one thing that they look forward to everyday.

As mentioned earlier, older people will often take the biggest hit in their quality of life with the death of their dog. Older individuals who are retired also tend to spend the most time with their dog. The companion who is almost always by their side is now gone.


Dogs can also be like another brother or sister to a young child. The dogs has protected, encouraged, and loved the child unconditionally. Children might have a hard time understanding the dog is gone.

If a child is having a hard time dealing with the death of a pet, an honest an open conversation about the topic of death may be needed. 

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    What You Can Do When Somebody You Know’s Dog Dies?

    If someone you know has lost a pet recently, please consider sending your condolences with a beautiful, heart-felt sympathy card as well to show your love and support.

    Let us know with a comment below on what you think the best way to help support someones whose dog has died is?

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