4 Major Funeral Expenses And Their Price Tag

Memorializing a loved one that has passed away can be a daunting task. The total cost for a funeral service varies drastically. One person might plan a funeral service for $879 while another person might plan a similar funeral service that costs $6,899. The difference can be alarming and has caught quite a few families off guard when the funeral bill arrives.

Knowing the average costs of memorial products can greatly help you save money on a funeral service. If you don’t know fair pricing for a casket or cremation urn then you will be at a disadvantage when choosing a fairly priced funeral home that does not overcharge for memorial services.

All information regarding pricing for memorial services has been sourced from the National Funeral Directors Association.

The average cost of a cremation funeral: $3,175

The average cost of a burial funeral: $7,122

Average Cost of a Casket or Cremation Urn

Caskets purchased from a funeral home will typically cost between $1,000 to $7,000 with the average cost being $2,100.

Cremation urns purchased from a funeral home typically costs between $350 to $800. Here at Safe Passage Urns, we have the highest quality cremation urns you can find for $85 to $250.

Average Cost of a Funeral Reception

Funeral receptions can vary widely depending on the specific venue. Many people have the reception at a funeral home or Church. The price ranges from $350-$2,700. The average most people pay is $795 for a venue and decorations. This number varies widely depending also on if food is being provided. Keeping the decorations modest can save you and your family money.

Average Cost of Burial Disposition

Burial disposition services for the body of the deceased by a cemetery will include a cemetery lot fee, services for digging the grave, transportation of the body, and body preservation methods. This amounts to an average of $4,315 for burial funerals

Average Cost of Cremation Services

Crematoriums cost $699-$1,200 for cremation dispositions with the average cost of cremation being $799 in the United States in 2018. Learn more about all the various cremation costs at Funeralocity.

When planning a funeral service, always ask for a ‘general price list’ form the funeral home that includes the costs of individual services and goods. You can actually get the general price lists from several nearby funeral homes to compare side by side in order to determine the best place for a ceremony.

What We Can Do For You

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